More Tifari Dogs

Co-owned Show Dogs

The following are Show Dogs that do not live here at Tifari, but with their owners where they are spoiled rotten. These dogs are pets and family members first, but their owners have graciously allowed us to take them to a few dog shows and show them off. Co-owning means breeding decisions are made with our consent. Click on the photo or name for more info on each dog and their journey in the show ring. Most of these dogs are also participating in performance or companion events as well.


Stryker's Headshot
Available as Stud


Rowan's headshot

Available as Stud

Tifari Companion Dogs

The following are Tifari puppies that were placed into pet homes. Their dedicated owners have gone one step further, and decided to participate in some of the various AKC or other canine performance and companion events with them. They have a blast building a solid relationship with their pet, finding new hobbies, and have managed to earn titles along the way! Thank you to our WONDERFUL puppy owners and please allow us to Brag just a little! Click on each dog's name or photo to find out more about them.