The Dogs of Tifari

Michigan Location

My name is Angie Hartley. And together with my husband, Brian, we live with 3 ridgebacks and 1 cat (and the occasional 4-legged visitor.) I first fell in love with Ridgebacks when I met Foosa's Sire at the Vet clinic where I am a Tech. He was 10 weeks old and such a composed and regal puppy. I started researching the breed extensively and decided it was the perfect breed for us. Our first RR, Kayin, is from Ridgeback Rescue and it was a wonderful experience to be able to give him a forever home and a new chance at life. For our second Ridgeback, it was an honor to get a daughter of the first Ridgeback I ever met. "Foosa" was our pick from that litter. "Piper" is a daughter from Foosa's first litter and her zest-for-life attitude keeps everyone smiling. Most recently we kept "Ayla" she is Piper's daughter.  She is a sweet girl with outstanding breed type and a very composed personality.  Our dogs are members of our family first and foremost, so they live in our home with us, never out in a kennel. They play a large part in our everyday lives!  We train each dog to be a well mannered role model for the breed, and each dog can boast of a CGC-Canine Good Citizen certificate, awarded by the AKC. Foosa and Ayla are also registered Therapy Dogs. We hope to meet you out and about at the local dogparks and we always welcome visitors at Tifari!

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Texas Location

I am Kathy Owen. I currently live with three ridgebacks, Rylee, Dexer, and Rogue. For me, dogs are a part of the family and wonderful, soulful companions. When I began looking for a dog, I started researching different breeds and came across the ridgeback and was quite intrigued. Here was a breed that was tough but sensitive, smart but stubborn, active but also able to cuddle. The ridgeback sounded like an interesting breed. I met a few ridgebacks and became acquainted with their unique personalities. I next met Angie and her ridgebacks, Foosa and Kayin, and was sold on the breed. My first ridgeback came from Angie's first litter. Rylee, a Foosa and Captain daughter, taught me what ridgebacks were all about. Challenging at times but so rewarding. She is a sweet, loving and hard working girl. She was my first show dog and was my little guinea pig as I dove into the world of conformation and performance events like obedience and lure coursing. I acquired my male ridgeback, Dexter, from Bakari Ridgebacks in Oregon, and I couldn't ask for a better boy. He's a handsome cuddle bug who finished his championship quickly and is proving to be a natural in obedience. Rogue is the puppy I decided to keep from Rylee's first litter with Hondo. She is an extremely energetic girl who wags with her whole body.  As a breeder, my goal is to have dogs who not only adhere to the standard, but are also smart and well-rounded.


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