RRCUS 2009 National Speciaty in Lansing, MI

Foosa and her 4 show pups attended the RRCUS National this year and did very well. The pups are 14 months old.


  • Foosa placed 3rd in Open B Obedience with a score of 192/200 for our first "silver sports car trophy" of the National
  • Rylee and Piper both made the cut in the 12-15 month puppy Bitch Sweeps out of 28 entered
  • Ramsay made the cut out of the 12-15 month Puppy Dog Sweeps.
  • Foosa placed 4th in both the Rally Advanced B, and 3rd Rally Excellent B Classes, winning 2 more nice trophies and another leg towards her RAE.
  • Piper won FIRST PLACE in Rally Advanced B to beat her mom, she was the youngest dog competing in that class by 2 years of age! She also earned her first Trophy of the National.
  • Piper and Neila both earned Obedience "Q's" in Novice obedience for legs towards their titles!
  • Neila made the cut from OVER 30 participants in the 12-18 month Bitch conformation class, so officially all 4 pups were noticed by the conformation judges at this National!
  • Foosa was honored 3 times at the awards ceremony with her HUGE Rosettes and Certificates: the first was for placing in the 2008 Top 10 for Obedience, as well as earning her VC award, she was also one of only 2 VCX (Versatility Certificate Excellent) titles awarded for 2008!!!
  • Piper got to participate in the Parade of Triathalon, for her nice rosette. She did very well only missing a select award by 1/2 point. Pretty good for being the youngest competitor. She also earned a triathalon triple qualifier Pin.
  • ASFA Lure Coursing, Piper took NBQ for a rosette and her 2nd trophy.
  • Rylee also passed her CERF eye health test, had her Thyroid tested, and had a great showing in Novice Rally, narrowly missing the ribbon!
  • At a RR only satellite AKC Coursing event Neila took a 5 point Major from the Open Stake and went on to win Best of Breed for multiple trophies!
  • Winning is a Family affair as The Sire of the pups, Captain, took 3rd place in the Veteran 11yrs + class, and made the cut in the Stud Dog class.
Check out the Ad placed in The Ridgeback- National 2009 Issue.  (available in Adobe .pdf)


Piper and Foosa

Piper and Foosa placing in Rally Advanced. Piper 1st Place (right), Foosa 3rd place (left)


Kathy and Rylee on the move!


Ramsay made the cut in the 12-15 month Dog Sweeps.


Neila with her owners Mark and Ann Rudd, winning BOB and a 5 point Major in Lure Coursing!! Look at all her Trophies!

Lure Corsing

Piper (middle in Pink) Lure Coursing with 2 Intrigue Dogs @ the National. I love this photo as you can see how much the RR's love to run, it appears they are all smiling :-)

The Long Sit

Foosa (far left) during her Long sit in Open B Obedience (handlers have to be out of sight for 5 minutes) What a good girl she is!


Ramsay on the move.