RRCUS 2008 National Speciaty in Gettysburg, PA

Foosa and her 3 daughters attended the RRCUS National this year and did very well. We came home woth TONS of Rosettes and Trophies!  The girls were just 5 days past 6 months old.


  • Foosa placed 4th in the Excellent B Jumpers With Weaves Agility Class earning her first MXJ leg and her first 2 MACH points
  • Piper, Neila, and Rylee all made the cut in the 6-9 month puppy Bitch Sweeps out of 23 enterd
  • Piper went on to win 2nd place in sweeps with Neila in 3rd place and Rylee just out of the ribbons in 6th place.
  • Foosa placed 1st in both the Rally Advanced B, and Obedience-Open A Classes winning nice trophies.
  • Foosa Q'd also in Rally Excellent B, earning the first leg towards her RAE title
  • Piper Q'd in Rally Novice B for her first Rally leg ever
  • Piper and Rylee then finished off the National earning their CGC titles with ease!
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Piper handled by Angie, 2nd place Sweeps out of 23 enterd.


Neila handled by Ann Rudd, her owner, 3rd place Sweeps right behind her sister.

Piper on a Rock

Piper behind the All-Star in a better pose :-)


Rylee @ the National (love the tongue) Owned by Kathy Owen and John Sink. Passed her CGC and made the cut in sweeps!

Foosa and Piper

Foosa (left) with a "Q" in Rally Excellent and a 1st place "Q" in Rally Advanced. Piper (right) with her first ever "Q" in Rally Novice and she was the youngest puppy competing!

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