Tifari's StellaLuna, CGC HIC

Luna 19 months old Luna 19 mo. old at the dogpark

Luna lives in sunny Las Vegas with her parents and her Uncle "Polo" another Ridgeback. The following is a cute description of her written by her mom: Florencia

"Luna is a gorgeous lady ridgeback. I am amazed at how soft her coat still is, at 18 months of age. She is very energetic but also calm enough to sleep through the day. She is the absolute friendliest and loviest RR in the world, probably. She's not as stubborn as Polo, her uncle, because she loves to please so she will do what you ask simply for love & affection, and an occasional treat, which made her pretty easy to train. We've gone on off-leash walks with her in the neighborhood since she was 3 months old, and she's always stayed close and has come when called despite distractions. She did get her CGC at 12 months. She loves everyone and wants to meet everyone when we're on walks, she's just a social butterfly of a Ridgeback. Her quirks are that she cannot drink water without leaving half of it on the floor, or turn her head while eating without doing the same. When she can't get into a comfortable position on the couch, she growls at herself in frustration then gets off the couch and tries a dog bed or the other couch until she's comfy. She loves playing with Polo, our other RR- her uncle from Emerald Isle, and is so tough that she doesn't squeal when he plays too rough, for fear that he'll stop playing with her, so she often ends up with bloody scars all around her jowels and neck. She loves to run and has to slow down so Polo will not get too far behind her on his full-sprint, and quit chasing her, which she loves. She loves him and follows him around when he is on house-defense mode, and barks at whatever he's barking at, to make sure to warn potential intruders that they should move on to the next house unless they'd like to be ripped to shreds at this one. She is great with kids, and loves to give kisses. She comes in full force for a kiss and doesn't brake before her snout lands on your face, resulting in a snout-punch-kiss. While Polo's main motivator is food, Luna lives for attention & affection. She follows me everywhere, no matter how tired she is; if I go upstairs, she goes too. She often waits for me in the bathroom while I shower or goes and lays on my bed within earshot. She also loves baths and water in general, specially the bath tub. We live in the desert so there are a lot of rock-lanscaped areas, which Luna jumps and runs through without a problem, whereas Polo goes around those areas and avoids them. While Polo is more dainty and refined in his mannerisms, Luna is much tougher and more like a tomboy. The prettiest, most affectionate tomboy in the world......"


Breeders: Angie Hartley here @ Tifari
Sire: "Aladdin" Ch Intrigue's Madeira Amaz'n Aladdin CD SC RE VC FCh HIC TT CGC
Dam: "Foosa" INT'L/ UKC CH Emerald Isle's Simply Irresistible CDX SC RE AX AXJ OF CGC HIC TT VCX TDI

Health Clearances

Whelp Date: 12/19/2008
Height: 26 in
Weight: 67.5 lbs.
Full Dentition with Scissor Bite
Luna and Polo Luna (left) and her housemate Uncle "Polo" (right)


  • CGC - Canine Good Citizen (earned at 12 mo. old)
  • HIC- Herding Instinct Certification Earned at the Ridgeback Rodeo

sitting pretty
 Sitting pretty
Luna Herding
 Herding sheep @ the Ridgeback Rodeo!