Begger's Can't be Choosers CD SC RN OA OAJ FCh CGC VC TT

Kayin in Tree Photo by Shot On Site

Whelp Date: 7-9-2003  to  5/14 RIP
Height: 26 7/8 in.
Weight: 80 lbs.
Neutered! ILP101329

"Kayin" is a Swahili boy name for "long awaited one" As it took two years after the time we decided on a RR to the time we found the perfect puppy. We finally found him @ RR Rescue and drove to Kentucky to get him.

Kayin was our first Ridgeback and was our first experience with a RR puppy and he taught us why all the books tell of their stubbornness and how they are not the breed for everyone. He was adopted from RR rescue at the age of 10 weeks. His story is that a backyard breeder from Kentucky had a litter accidentally when his bitch "got out." He kept the pick male pup for himself and dumped all the flawed pups. Kayin is a very dark color called black wheaton. See other unusual RR colors. Both of Kayin's sisters were normal colors but had other flaws. One sister was born Ridgeless and his other sister had a dermoid. The dermoid was removed by RR Rescue and both pups found wonderful homes here in Michigan.

Kayin is a very gentle and sweet dog. He is very smart and learned so quickly we could hardly keep up. He made us so proud that we wanted to show him in performance events to encourage more people to rescue. Judging by all his titles I think we made an impression.

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Kayin Photo by Cathi Winkles
  • RRCUS top 20 Agility 2005
  • Best Of Breed Lure coursing(ASFA) from Open Stake over Specials Oct. 2004
  • Agility- Multiple First placements in 24 inch classes
  • Obedience Novice A - Multiple class placements
  • 2004, 2006 Regional trial ASFA Lure coursing placements
  • RRCUS Supported Lure Coursing ASFA- 4th of 14 Field Champions
Kayin Lure Coursing Kayin Lure Coursing, Photo by Shot on Site


Kayin's Ridge Kayin's Ridge
  • CD - AKC Novice Obedience Titles
  • RN - AKC Novice Rally-O titles
  • SC - AKC Advanced Coursing Titles
  • FCh - ASFA Lure Coursing Field Champion
  • OA - Intermediate Agility Titles
  • OAJ - Intermediate Jumpers Agility Titles
  • CGC - Canine Good Citizen
  • VC - RRCUS awarded versatility certificate
  • TT - Certificate awarded by the American Temperament Test Society based on the dogs behavior in 10 predetermined exercises.

Kayin also has 7 points towards his AKC Field CH title, though he is pretty much retired now, spending a lot of his time on the couch  :-)